Logos / Icons I designed

I’m not that good at icons/logos designing but I was always inspired by designs so I decided to push my boundaries. Following are some icons that unexpectedly turned out to be great:


June 2016

GwBasic Logo

This was probably the first logo that at least looked good after the ‘N’ logo (the same logo used in the header of this site). I had Photoshop and Illustrator craze at that time although, I couldn’t understand most of the things going on especially Illustrator. So, it was designed in photoshop. I also designed the splash screen of this project, for which I was just sleeping the thread for some amount of time before loading the actual app. ;)

BlackArcX Logos

January 2020

X Logo

BlackArcX is a hypothetical company that I with my friend (@ameerhmzx) fantasized about. For this we came up with an idea to start with a 3x3 grid of dots and connections can be made with a fluid-like stripe. And in fact, we drew all the alphabets on this grid. Following are few of them:

A LogoN LogoV LogoS LogoW Logo


October 2020

Hover/tap to see the effect.

Exosoft is a software house. For them, I drew my very first interactive SVG logo for them. I couldn’t come up with a shape that sounds like exosoft, eventually, I drew this abstract shape but, they actually liked it. I also helped build their website (not sure if it’s still up or not :D).

While drawing this logo I learned how difficult it is not to draw seemingly simple shapes. Also, I learned a trick to animate stroke length.


September 2021

DSquare Logo

D-Square aka Data Drive is also a software house. I just redrew their logo picked a font pair and also designed their job advertisement and also an HTML page for the jobs section.

MPVIR Group Logo

August 2021

Hover/tap to see the effect.

MPVIRG stands for Machine Perception & Visual Intelligence Research Group. This research was led by our final year project supervisor and they also had a website for the sole purpose of sharing all the projects and researches. They also had an existing logo, one day was just looking at their logo and I decided to redesign it so, I just did it. It’s still not being used on the actual site.

Along with the actual logo I also took inspiration from Nigel Standford’s music video of Automatica. BTW he produces great music if you haven’t heard him check out his CYMATICS.

Personal Logos

When you can draw few logos etc you have to draw logos for your friends and family members too. And yes, I did this too. I infact was thinking of designing logos for all my friends so that in chat all of the avatars can look consistent, kind of a branded friends group. But, here are few good ones:

AM Logo
Asma Marryum
FA Logo
Faseeh Ahmed
IA Logo
Ibtasham Ali