Carte Blanche Innovation Integrated
Jul 2022 - Now

Carte Blanche Innovation Integrated

Associate Software Engineer
Lahore, Pakistan

At CB, I am a leading voices for accessibility and developer experience. I proposed some major architectural changes in hirecinch, a product at CB, which not only greatly improved the app performance but also increased our velocity by 25—30%. I also led multiple projects, detailed further in my portfolio.

Things I’ve built.


Public Editor

A web-app uniting annotators to fact-check and correct misinformation in shared news articles, ensuring information integrity for the public.


Hirecinch ATS

All in one hiring software that enables recruiters to attract quality applicants and evaluate them collaboratively.

Aug 2023

Nowii Rewards

A mobile app encouraging eco-friendly actions and rewarding those dedicated to environmental care. It celebrates and incentivizes individuals and organizations committed to sustainability.

Feb 2023

Arisbe LMS

A web-based LMS that allows Arisbe education foundation’s instructors and administration team to organize, coordinate and manage their educational events and student records.

Aug 2022

Oxleas Handbook

Oxleas NHS Handbook is a mobile-app that quickly onboards trainee doctors by allowing them to quickly and easily navigate through all hospital SOPs, forms, documents and much more.