Nauman Umer

Nauman Umer.


Hi there, I'm a web developer. I love building and rebuilding programs using color, fonts, and illustrations.

I'm a great admirer of attention to detail and beautifully crafted designs that not only look exceptional but also are easy to use. I specialize in creating user interfaces and user experiences utilizing the latest web technologies.

I'm passionate about helping others, and I'm always looking for an opportunity to help someone out.

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Things I'm good at.

I am a creative, enthusiastic, and ambitious developer with expertise in user interface design. I am passionate about creating simple and elegant solutions that make complex tasks easy for users to execute.


I mostly work with javascript/typescript and feel myself quite good at web technologies like HTML/CSS and javascript. But, I also have worked with Python, Java, C/C++ and a bit of rust.


I look at frameworks as just a tool to get things done and thats why I am always open to different frameworks. Some of the technologies I have worked with include, Angular, Vue, React, Alpine, TailwindCss, Bootstrap, JQuery, Django, Scrappy.

Platforms & Tools

Some of the platforms & tools I use regularly include Figma, Git, Postman, VsCode, WebStrom, Docker, PyCharm, WebStrom, Latex. I use MacOS as primary OS but had been a great admirer of Linux for long time.

Experience & Projects

Things I've been working on.

I prefer to keep myself active and am always working on a new project. Take a peek at some of the recent things I had been working on.

Class Resources

An app that provides a platform to share class learning resources especially for COMSATS Students.

Logos / Icons I designed

I'm not that good at icons / logos designing but I always like to push my boundaries. Here are some of my designs.

Mazes 101

Mazes101 provides a set of utilities that can be used to generate, render and hack with any kind of maze.

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